Colin de Jose is preparing to die.

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I would like to be cremated and have my ashes spread at the entrance to the psychiatric ward at Vancouver General Hospital.

I would really like my coffin to be made out of Foam core, about 3/16 of an inch thickness.

I beleive in Christ, but i also beleive in Judas Icariot. The image that i have of Jesus is that he is and was a man like a lot of people(MLK, Ghandi,Lennon and Frances Farmer) that said things that pissed off the wrong people, and like us all today, Shit rolls down hill....I would really like JC if i met him, because i believe that he wanted me to love the life that his Father had given me and to do things i felt was right, i don't think that he wants me to give to things i don't trust or feel in my heart...

My mother, my mother's family Shannon Szabo David Caldwell B.Cocker Bill Murray Chevy Chase Christopher Walken Tony Pantages John Pantages Harry dean Stanton Alex Cox Will Farrell Shawn Castor Gordon Hughes the dude Stan Lee Martin Scorsese Eric Roberts Dennis Hopper Kirsten Dunst John Cusack Joan Cusack Jamie Delaney Gary Waines William Sullivan Anita teglasi Georgette Kalfon Terry Barker Joe Pesci E. M. Hirsch Gordon Hughes H. Ferguson And the list goes on.. People i want barred... My father and his family...... Thats it

Well i don't know if i can adhere to the last rule in this paragraph but i can sure say that i want a Guitarist named Jamie Delaney(if he's still alive) to play Led Zepplins' "Dazed and Confused" and i'm not talkin the singles version i'm talkin the 25 minute MSG version.

I would like someone to read the first act of the script from Apocalypse Now. If they can't get the script then all they have to say is... "I wanted a mission and for my sins they gave me one, brought it up to me like room service and when i was done i'd never want another"

Well i like trains, why do you like golf ?

Colin Adrian de Jose was born into a world of napalm with Walter Cronkite and Martin Scorsese. He loved many things, in the early years he loved his lego and things that were dirty, Bus engines, ashpalt laying machines and the smell of deisel gas, he will never forgive marathon realty and the CPR for selling off the False Creek Layover Yard in Vancouver, B.C. . Colin is survived by his Father, Stephen Knott, who taught him that if you don't care about you're son's future tell him to stay away from Cocaine after you do it in front of him with his leeching roomates when he's Eight years old. Colin is also survived by his Mother, Marguerite, who had the wisdom to let her son make up his own mind, and venture and experience places and people that his so called friends had to wait years to find out. Colin is survived by a Grandparents who always listened to his visions.He is survived by some cousins that love him and some that don't know him, the first one to hug him died, but also made him realize where he should be and who he belonged to. Colin loved life later on, he hated it when he was to young to realize that the most important thing to remember is something that comes out of experience, no matter what it is. Colin would like in lieu of Flowers for you to repeat over his body the following at his Funeral and name the people Who said it aloud. "The Pedal on the right is the Accelarator, it helps if you use it!" Evan Hirsch "No matter how bad it gets, no matter how broke you are or How shitty your Job is, you can go home and say one thing...AT LEAST I DON'T HAVE KIDS!" -Colin Adrian de Jose( Nee Knott after coming to his senses)

Valerie Parker