Nicholas Gorton is preparing to die.

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I'd like to be cremated and my ashes scattered at Old House Farm where I proposed to Suzanne, or if that's not legally possible, Curley hill in Lightwater country park, Surrey will do! It's where I spent a lot of my growing up - from walks with Mum, Dad and Lec as a kid, to walks with Suzanne and out biking on my own..and parking the cars up at the top of the hill with the Heatherside gang on a Friday night!

Something colourful would be nice! Something a bit more rock n roll. Spray paint it up or something...

I'm a C of E Christian! Confirmed at 18!! Not outwardly religious but believe there's something out there...I think? I'm really not sure. Maybe I'm just writing that in case someone up there is watching..

I'd like everyone to come except those with whom I worked. My life was enjoyable outside of work, not in it, and I don't want reminding of that place at my funeral thanks! On top of family members I've known a lot of great people, and I'd like them to be there - the Heatherside lads, Susie, Matty, Sam, Push (my best pal), Kenny, Sandra etc. Definitely no work people.

"The soundtack to my departure" - So much to choose from! I love all music except jazz and shite modern soul and RnB...I guess a bit of Mozart would be the proper thing to do, but the one band who have always been the best in my book are The Charlatans. I'd say they've been the soundtrack to my life probably more than anyone else. So, lots of Charlatans (favourite tunes listed below) plus the following: Ride - OX4 (Fave song of all time, first song I play when I wake each New Year's Day to start each year off). The Vines - Winning Days The Beloved - Found (For Suzanne) Chapterhouse - Pearl Slowdive - Waves Orbital - Halcyon + On + On (LP version) Ric Ocasek - This side of paradise Cocteau Twins - A kissed out redfloatboat The Verve - Lucky man The Police - Every little thing she does is magic (for Suzanne) Underworld - Cowgirl (Bedrock remix) Doves - The Cedar room Cooper temple clause - Let's kill music Lisa Gerrard - Elegy Ride - Sennen Lamb - Gorecki Icehouse - Great Southern land Boo Radleys - Kaleidoscope Orbital - One perfect sunrise Wedding Present - Take me! Nowhere - Resound Bob Dylan - Tangled up in blue The Stone Roses - Mersey Paradise The Charlatans - anything with five stars against it in my iTunes. Yeah, I know that's most of them :) Feel free to play all of these at the wake :) or just get the black ipod and stick on the playlist entitled 'The Very Best'. Then you can't go wrong. Lisa Getrard "Abwoon (Our Father)" to be played as I'm being laid to rest. Activa - "Remember" as everyone is walking out.

I'd like (whoever's left from the following list) to read out one memory of me and them, plus one comment about me - be it good or bad! Keep it to maximum 1 minute each: Suzanne Dylan Elodie Mum Dad Lec Christian Susie Push Matty Sam Kenny

I had a great time! Can't wait for the next life!

I was born on October 27th 1971, brought up on a diet of good music which led to a bit of a lifetime obsession with the stuff. Life tootled along ok, got a job, which sucked but paid the bills; work was not an important aspect of my life! Always had a very active mind and don't like to sit around too long - I'd rather have something to do. Love being outside, love biking, running - anything that gets the blood pumping through the veins! Love Sunsets, Sunrises, mountains, anything any place and anyone that makes me feel alive..Met some very good people along the way - My family - always supportive, always there. I love them all deeply. Susie, Push, Sam, Matty, Kev Mc, Sarah L, Sandra, ( and many others) - all people that have made the world a better place to live in. Then along came Suzanne, who is very special. You always hope you'll meet the one, but never sure if it'll happen. I know I'm a very lucky person because I have. Suzanne is everything to me and I hope I made her as happy as she made me during my life. I will always love her. Then in 2008 along came Dylan. He has made Suzanne and me so unbelievably happy, we just want to make his life totally great! He's everything to us and makes us smile all the time. Looking forward to taking him to Glastonbury in the next few years :) Things took an unexpected turn when we ended up in the Seychelles for a while, and on reflection we had some awesome times there. Then back to England and to Devon, which was ok but I miss Camberley and the surrounding area. Plus the access to London for live music. Most of all I miss my mates and my family. It wasn't all bad - seeing Dylan grow up and making friends at school made me very happy, and Devon is a good place to live, if a little quiet! We then bought a house and settled down properly after ten moves in the previous three years. In May 2014 little Elodie came along. A shock to have a little girl in the family but she has made us complete as a family. To see her and Dylan together blows me away with happiness. Both children are truly lovely and make us very happy.

Let the family decide on where and when but I'd like everyone I know (knew) to be there! Oh and chuck a couple of CD's in the casket so I've got summat to listen to on the way to wherever. The Stone Roses LP, Going Blank Again, The Real People, Between 10th And 11th.