Misty D. HUdson is preparing to die.

H, Joshua (1980-02-20)
H, T (1991-12-14)
H, T (1991-12-14)
Hackenbush, Steve (1965-07-23)
Hagberg, Niklas (1987-01-16)
Hagström, Håkan (1978-02-25)
Hala, Hala (1984-11-18)
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Hallam, Giles (1973-08-02)
Hallard, Mark (1980-02-09)
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Huzzah, Hubert (1848-04-23)

Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, do NOT cremate me. No no no no no. I want to be buried. If I ever get married, I want to be buried next to him, so I can annoy him for all of eternity. If not, then I want to be buried next to my father, if at all possible. If not, then somewhere at Evergreen Cemetery in West Carrollton, Ohio would be fine. Oh, and I want to face East, thankyouverymucy.

My wishes are for the cheapest thing that is allowed by Ohio laws. If you can do the job with just some trash bags, then have at it. I'm already dead, don't spend money on stupid stuff, okay? Get me the cheapest thing. If there's a color choice, go with white. You can never go wrong with white. KEEP IT CHEEP!

I was baptised as a Lutheran when I was about five months old and had no idea what in the world religion was. I can always remember being a "religious" person, and being very pushy with it when I was a kid. Later in life, I didn't know what I believed, as certain events had me doubting the existence of a Supreme Being. In April of 1995 I converted to being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While I whole-heartedly believe in the teachings of the LDS Church, in no way should I be considered the model LDS citizen. I take part in some of the cultural taboos, and some of the doctrinal ones as well. However, I know with every fiber of my being that this is where I'm meant to be. My spiritual beliefs are very important to me and very near to my heart. I have tried before to engage in the activities that are required of a full-time LDS Missionary, but I have found that it was extremely difficult. Not because of the amount of work involved, or that there are things I'd be required to give up for 18 months. The difficulty came in bearing my heart and soul to strangers about what I feel to be very, very important in my life, and to have them treat this as trivial or perceive me as a religious zealot. When you are putting so much of yourself out there, it's very difficult to have people tell you time and time again that you are wrong, you are a member of a cult, and you are going to hell. Because of these experiences, I've carefully guarded my Spirituality so as to not be so completely devastated when others can't or won't commend me for my belief system. That being said, I want my funeral to be held at my local LDS Meeting House.

I want my family there. And if you know me, you know who my family consists of. Example: my first boyfriend: Not family my first best friend: family I don't want to keep people from doing something that they feel they need to do, but there are certain people I wouldn't want there AT ALL. Someone who I trust has been given names and pictures, and will bounce those people right the hell outta there.

Songs that remind y'all of me. If people want to sing, have at it. Play mixed tapes. Have a band. I'd really like it if each person played a song that reminded them of me. I'd like that A LOT.

No preaching. If there's something else you want to read, I'm all for it. If there's a scripture I told you I particularly like, you can read that.

Matthew 24:25 "INSIDE VOICES!" "Put the baby down!"


When it comes to who will raise my child, I want there to be a Hunger Games-like contest. The participants are those who would like to raise the baby. Whoever wins gets to be her guardian.