Russell John Ince is preparing to die.

Ince, Russell John (1977-07-07)
Ingoldsby, Linus (1974-06-07)
Innes, Cecilia (1989-09-27)
Irvine, David (1979-11-16)
Isherwood, Don (1956-02-28)
Isteric, Rhys (1984-09-09)
Isteric, Rhys (1984-09-09)
Itall, Lived (1965-05-26)

OK Here's the weird bit... Please bear in mind that I came up with this idea when I was twenty one, and I still think it's a good idea writing this at twenty three. By the time I go I hope that this will be widely available although, of course, not for this purpose... SPACE TRAVEL!!! I'm serious. I don't want to be worm-food and I don't want to be cooked. So stick me in orbit! Of course I realise I'll eventually be burnt up on re-entry so why not cremate me? Well I think the Earth's atmosphere could do it a lot better than some stinky furnace that still has the traces of the last occupant sticking to it's walls! Sorry to be grotesque but you need to see what I mean. If this can't be done, then chryo-freeze me till the technology becomes available. Don't ignore this. This is the whole purpose of me writing this out while I'm alive.

See disposal, but a few hints include scooby doo lining, vacuum sealed (of course), unopenable from the outside. The rest of ti you can improvise.

I've never been religious and now I've gone it's too late to start! Please don't make my final journey start on a hypocritical foot. Just make sure religion isn't mentioned in any way. PLEASE.

Anyone who wants to come to see me off may do so, except for those who never had the time for me when I was alive... That means I'll have a small crowd. So be it.

For goodness sake don't play anything that's gonna make people emotional! Here's a few favourites to give you a clue, they are in no strict order of importance and have no hidden context. It's just music I enjoyed through my life: Chemical Brothers - The sunshine underground; Nina Simone - My baby just cares for me; Queen - Was it all worth it?(like I said - no hidden context); The beautiful South - Let love speak up itself & I Love You (but you're boring); I will of course add to this as more ideas take shape.

For a start, don't mourn... It'll kill me. No pun intended, seriously. You see I've only died. I'm not actually dead. The thing is you see, is that I'm still alive in your head. Here I am telling you something you never knew I said till after I'd 'gone', but here I am saying it and it's still new to you. Do you follow? The minute you mourn my passing you'll let the 'me' that lives in your head know that I've died and in turn I'll die again. Talk to me right now... Ask me anything... You see I answered you! Your memories of me answered you actually. Of course I've gone, you'll never see me again, but that doesn't mean I'll ever be 'dead', if you can all keep a bit of me alive in your head. However, don't go mad! There's an awful lot of living people out there that need you to be there for them, so don't spend too much time living with me because you'll only be living in your head. All I ask is that you remember me from time to time and talk to me, I'll listen, and only if I can I'll answer. Also if you think I'd be angry about it while I was alive, will I react differently now I've gone? The same applies for will I be happy, sad, amused, concerned, understanding, etc. Talk it through with me, first. But don't mourn me for goodness sake!

If not me, who else?

Honestly if you've managed to find this page and you really do respect my wishes I can only ask for one thing... Now that I've gone and you are the one to have found this site, that must mean that you meant a lot to me. And if you've found this because I told you where it was, then you meant more to me than you could ever know. So therefore I would be greatly honoured if you'd write my obituary for me. Only mention the things that mattered.

anything! Just no religious aspects