laura jackson is preparing to die.

J, Markus (1985-06-03)
J, Sarah (1985-02-21)
Jackson, Laura (1987-02-05)
Jackson, Paul (1974-03-05)
Jackson, Stephen (1970-02-08)
Jalex, Rikard (1990-01-31)
James, Jason (1974-01-23)
James, Peter (1957-02-01)
Jani, Glm (1948-09-17)
Jarvis, Michael (1986-10-10)
Jarvis, Ross (1975-11-30)
Jaskowiak, R (1971-01-01)
Jay, Jess (1985-06-03)
Jaye, Tania (1979-09-20)
Jeffries, Roy (1941-02-18)
Jenkins, Aubrey (1975-05-11)
Jenkins, Susana (1979-07-06)
Jenkinson, Andrew (1972-03-22)
Jennifer, Javier (1982-11-27)
Jennings, David (1965-07-11)
Jent, Matthew (1979-03-13)
Jessup, Edd (1990-06-28)
Jielka, Bulien (1967-02-20)
Jiji, Julia (1990-02-09)
John, Bob (1975-07-24)
John, Daisy (1985-05-02)
Johnson, Adeline (1991-09-19)
Johnson, Daniel (1970-09-29)
Johnson, Iain (1979-11-11)
Johnston, Andrew (1960-02-29)
Johnston, John (1988-08-08)
Jones, Andrew (1974-05-22)
Jones, Casey (1984-11-02)
Jones, Claire (1989-10-27)
Jones, Eli (1975-11-05)
Jones, Lydia (1974-02-03)
Jones, Ruth (1960-12-18)
Jones, Vanessa (1973-01-11)
Jones, Zara (1979-11-03)
Jones III, Quequegg (1792-06-17)
Jourdain, Henry (1972-11-30)
Jowers, SHARON (1980-01-31)
Joy, Nena (1945-11-08)
Jugon, Dean (1986-05-08)
Julian, Christopher (1969-04-30)

I want to be cremated and my ashes to be turned into a diamond, so that you can all remember what a beautiful person i was! This diamond shall be passed on through the family for years to come.

I would like my coffin to be comfortable, i know i'll be dead, but there is no need for an uncomfortable coffin! i want to float to heaven not bump!

I'd like my funeral to be simple, I'd like god and christianity to be mentioned to keep my mum and gran happy but i dont want to much waffle because i hate that! just a "God will take her into heaven, and look after her body from here on out!" - keep people happy!

I want anyone who ever liked me, loved me, thought i was a nice person to come to my funeral. Don't bother coming if you've never spoke to me cos thats just sad! and if you killed me... then damn you i wanted to live!! you definatly cant come!!! - apologise to my mum for killing me!!

I'd like to have a few songs played at my funeral, "Spice girls - say you'll be there" my favorite song as a child! "Aerosmith - pink" - this song reminds me of my mum and dad and happier times! and then probably a tear jerker - that song from pearl harbor with josh hartnett in the video "Faith hill - there you'll be!" and i want loads of fun tunes playing at my wake ones that there are stupid dance moves to because i love all that! lets party!!

I would like someone to say something true about me, maybe my husband or child - or daniel or karl, or maybe one of my close mates! i dont want people to remember me as being a nice person if i wasn't! "I'm an honest, open bubbly person who enjoys life, i like to be kept busy doing things, i always wanted to become an actress but when i got fat i realised it aint as easy as that! fuckers!! so i decided to teach kids and inspire them to follow there dreams! whilst also trying to set up a theatre company in order for me to act orwrite / direct on the side as a hobbie!

Write what you want here - prefably my name, 1987 - (whenever it is i die!) - mention my kids if i have any, or my husband / life partner!

I want to be remembered as the girl who always smiled, i know i get moody sometimes but most of the time i can seek a positive out of things!

I want people to wear bright colours, because i always wore bright colours and funerals are depressing enough without making them even more depressing by wearing black! not even a black shoe is aloud to be worn!! you have been warned!! I want that little pot of money that goes round the funeral party to go to a kids charity in britain that stops kids being abused at home by their parents as i dont want anyone to be brought up the way my mum was, i wish there had been someone there for her! Dont bring flowers for me, well ok one or two but i'd rather you all bought a bottle of malibu and coke or baileys and had a toast over my coffin with a glass - whether you like it or not! I just want it to be a funeral that no body forgets, as every other party in my life has been abit shit so far other than my 16th! so lets enjoy my final party and get pissed, bollocked, inibriated, battered, leathered, fucked! and have a good time!