Marcus Looman is preparing to die.

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I would like to be cremated and placed in a BiosUrn ( or possibly a burial pod ( and then "planted" in Washington Park Portland, OR...if possible I would also like a bench with a memorial plaque near that site. Just so others know where this Oak is if they wish to visit me.

Personally I am all about the old school vampy thing. Black coffin, purple cloth and chrome accessories.

Make it as Pagan as possible...I have always respected the ways of the Scandinavian religions (i.e: would hope someone can make it happen that a person close to me on a religious level would speak or enact a ritual for all in attendance no matter what denomination. Please refrain from making this an Abrahamic religious ceremony...I am not Christian, I am not Muslim, and I am not Jewish and would find ceremonies of these religions to be extremely insulting to the life I lived. Appropriate rituals or ceremonies would be Heathen/Nordic, Wiccan, Traditional witchcraft, Druidic, or even Hoodoo. Ceremonies are for mourning. I would have it that people gather in a place filled with life and trees. I would prefer they have a feast there with the finest foods of the world. I want my death to be remembered as a celebration of life. If you have a feast as I have requested I would ask that no one attending be allowed to take left overs and that all food that remains unspoiled and not consumed be donated to the homeless as quickly as possible

Everyone should be allowed to come... If you think you know someone who knew me that would come, please invite them. Even my biological Father...although I imagine I'd outlive him...but one does not know

Play the songs that reminded you most of me and celebrated the breath you have in your lungs still. However I would appreciate a bagpipe version of "Amazing Grace" to be played...not to the words are meaningless...the power is in the tune...My very favorite song throughout my life has been "Song to the Siren" as performed by This Mortal Coil and/or by Brendan Perry...and please play as much Dead Can Dance as possible...I always did. :)

I would like those of you who feel moved to say what you wish. I may or may not hear you...I hope somehow I do. Read this if you can : Lo, Der ser jeg min Far. Lo, der ser jeg min mor, mine søstre, mine brødre. Lo, der ser jeg linjen av mitt folk tilbake til begynnelsen. Lo, de gjør kall til meg. De byr meg ta min plass i Åsgard ved Halls of Valhalla. Hvor ånder av True kan leve evig. Lo, her ser jeg min sønn. Lo, her ser jeg min datter, sine døtre og sønner. Lo, her ser jeg linjen av mitt folk frem til tåke i morgen. Lo, de gjør kall til meg. De byr meg ta mitt sted i Midgard i hjertet av vårt folk. Hvor minnene og brennevin av familien vil leve evig. or the English Translation: Lo, there do I see my Father. Lo, there do I see my mother, my sisters, my brothers. Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning. Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place in Asgard at the Halls of Valhalla. Where spirits of True can live forever. Lo, here I see my son. Lo, here I see my daughter, her daughters and sons. Lo, here I see the line of my people until the fog in the morning. Lo, they do call to me. They bid me take my place in Midgard at the heart of our people. Where memories and spirits of the family will live forever.

"We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world."

A man who lived by his integrity and followed his heart. A lover, a brother, an Uncle, and a friend. He was the kind of guy that would give you his last dime if he had it on him and if you needed an ear he was always available. He is survived by: (fill in the blank with my family that is alive and well)

We are all guaranteed this journey in the end...everything that is born or created eventually dies or is destroyed. We are all but snowflakes about to melt. As we melt, we create the rivers and make our way home. Live as if there is no tomorrow, love the same way. Look at your loved ones while you have them as if you just saw them for the first time. Love them in that Honeymoon stage forever. So many people have always thought I was just sad, upset or angry...this is not correct. If it seemed as such I was expressing these things out of love or lack thereof. My greatest achievements are those made in loving memories. I have lived my life to love and hoping to be loved in return. My anger came from the lack of compassion I have witnessed. My sadness also came from this or for a lack of love being returned. Far too often I have been misinterpreted as a person that "used" kindness as a means to achieve another end...this is not who I am. I believe in being kind, generous, and to compliment others in the hope to add light to their world. Please try to always be kinder to others. In my experience when people see guys like me they assume the worst, when deep within many of us are loving and gentle humans. Don't forget this...and please be loving to other humans, animals and plants. Respect the Earth, it is a part of you...respect the Universe, it is a part of you. There is magick within all of us...if you have a religion that hurts others and does not help you, consider rejecting it and finding a new way. The world doesn't need excuses to hate, it needs excuses to love. No race, no gender, no religion, no color, no hate...only love unifies all things. Be it, let it be you. I love you and I will always be with you. Marcus Looman