monkey mellow is preparing to die.

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possibly c4 strapped to my body, which could then be dropped from 30,000 feet, being exploded about half way down, right over a major city, maybe my home city of Liverpool, at night, on the next available new years night, timed to perfection to allow an amazing view on the bells..... or fired into space on a rocket to be left floating eternally or until the gravitational pull of some unknown planet drags me in close, only for the alien inhabitants to save my body from hitting the ground using some mad technology like a plane or something...only to then revive me using some cosmologically ancient method of magical energy transferal, and declaring me they're god and allowing me to take full planetary control and launch for earth with a massive miltitary force of ships and weapons far more technologically advanced than here on earth, giving me the ability to take over the earth and kick the living shit out of the global system releasing freedom on the planet and reducing commercialism, capatilism, consumerism, communism and any other evil thing being with c like salt and vingar crisps, to nothing, allowing man and animal to once again rule in harmony with mother nature..........or bury me in the woods with a sword and some armoour like a knight...

wrap me in cellaphane, no wait...cover me in jam and spread me about that doesn't make sense - yes it does! - who are you? - i'm the voice in your head - oh yeah, sorry - just get on with it, people are reading this - ok, sorry - stop apologising! - sorry - shut up! - well if that's the way you're going to be.... - god, it's like dealing with a kid! - tis not! - is so - is not - oh fuck off!!! stick him a washing machine and wash his body into non-existence.... - that's not very nice! - just shut up u twat!! - who u calling a twat? - BANG............

Erm, well, I think I'm a pantheistic existentialist, so i reckon mother nature's my god...however, I have been christened and stuff, (i was six and i had a black eye!) so I think I should mention Jesus's dad, cause every christian knows that hell is quite a nasty alternative to faith..... Figure it out for yourself.........

Invited: boss people, hot chicks, me mates and they're mates, and they're mates' mates, more hot chicks, anyone with owns a brewery, howard marks and anything he can bring with him...., yet more hot chicks..fuck it, open invite but no lads unless accompanied by two chicks each - fuck, make it a chickfest with tonnes of poison, everyone's poison should be supplied in copious amounts from beer to barbiturates - let's see if I can't get anyone to join me and my little journey to the afterlife.. Barred: fat chicks and dickheads, smackheads, politicians, corporate fatcats, anyone who doesn't know what life is all about, coz how can they celebrate death if they don't even understand life? Oh and anyone who has a degree in anything business related cause you've got to be really sad.....oh and marketing twats because they are the only ones who think they are boss, everyone else hates them......

erm...........break on through to the other side yeah.....and our love becomes a funeral pire....the doors dumbass....just them two tunes the rest can be a mad banging three day party with all the world's best dj's and jazz it up now y'hear?

stuff from the bible an tha... erm dream is but a dream....Edgar Allen Poe...and some other stuff but not the telly guide, people might go home...

bit of a twat at times, but the chicks loved him...shame he was such a genius, it's the reason he was a bit of a twat at times....people just didn't understand him - but the chicks loved him. Had a big dick. Used it to full effect. Caused quite alot of damage to himself and everything he came in contact with...damaged the odd lady or two..but they loved it..shame...big dick...

Apparently monkeyboy's fucked up! - Is he? no way! - Way man, he ripped himself a new arse hole on a fence after stacking on his mountain board! - dude that sucks!..... who gets his board man?.........

yeah well I reckon my mates better sort it out, coz they're the only ones who could make it funny, given my permission of course, which I here by give... make it funny lads, or I'll be back to haunt your asses...not your actual asses of course..I mean like.......