sue peterson is preparing to die.

P, Chris (1967-11-08)
P, P (1983-11-07)
P, William (1975-03-02)
Page, Nick (1961-05-22)
Paling, Stewart (1972-04-22)
Palmer, Michael (1968-09-22)
Pant, Mahesh (1978-01-28)
Pardy, Brian (1900-01-01)
Paris, Blue (1969-07-22)
Parker, Jonathan (1970-12-19)
Parker, Weston (1982-04-22)
Parkin, Emma (1972-12-27)
Parrish, Mike (1987-04-17)
Parry Okeden, Nicholas (1988-07-29)
Pascoe, Gabrielle (1970-01-24)
Paterson, Phillip (1985-04-20)
Paterson, Stuart (1972-04-07)
Pathetic, Lib (1990-07-11)
Patil, Patil (1981-12-25)
Patrick, Kelly (1974-12-31)
PATTENDEN, Colin (2002-01-02)
Pattison, Ziekk (1984-05-15)
Pavlovic, Matija (1989-01-11)
Pawson, Spencer (1970-07-20)
Paxton, Kyle (1989-02-12)
Payfer, Tom (1957-08-02)
Pearce, Clare (1982-02-01)
Peck, John (1979-04-12)
Pedreschi, Aidan (1969-10-04)
Pelaez, Edgar (1984-09-11)
Pelaéz, Victoria (1985-11-02)
Peña, Marisol (1988-07-21)
Peñalba, Javier (1980-10-14)
Pennington, Emma (1989-03-17)
Peralta, Enrique (1978-06-03)
Perklington, Sam (1990-06-23)
Persse, Jason (1974-11-23)
Peter, Peter (1981-11-27)
Peterson, Sue (1961-12-05)
Petkovic, Drazen (1991-05-04)
Petty, Brian (1978-01-04)
Peyras, Gaelle (1983-05-31)
Pfeffer, Catherine (1946-05-16)
Philip, Brendan (1975-05-10)
Philipps, Sarah (1987-01-08)
Phillips, Roscoe (1988-03-01)
Pickering, Andrew (1976-12-31)
Pina, Aaron (1975-07-15)
Pipu I Sofi, Pipu I Sofi (1980-03-24)
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Pist Off, Pissin (1985-12-01)
Planes, Alice (1979-11-06)
Plant, Danny (1977-12-13)
Plant, Kit (1974-08-08)
Plant, Mark (1980-01-22)
Plenti, Jules (1990-03-10)
Pocket, Polly (1983-07-11)
Polbäck, Jonathan (1977-12-22)
Pollard, Andrew (1972-12-26)
Pollard, George (1975-12-22)
Pollock, Stephen (1964-07-18)
Poopcheck, Stubbly (1976-10-23)
Pope, Phin (1976-03-12)
Poptart, Mister (0000-00-00)
Porter, Tom (1982-08-31)
Portugal, Diane (1983-05-26)
Potz-Rayner, Steve (1970-01-24)
Powell, Emily (1991-04-28)
Power, David (1977-08-02)
Pppp, Rrrr (1988-03-01)
Pradhan, Chintaman (1954-02-25)
Prass, Ram (1967-07-09)
Preiti, Matias (1989-08-04)
Presley, Lisa Marie (1981-07-15)
Price, Hannah (1992-03-13)
Price, Rebecca (1972-11-21)
Price, Rob (1985-07-28)
Priest, Gray (1976-03-11)
Prior, Rachel (1986-09-02)
Purcell, John (0000-00-00)
Puru, Puru (1984-08-02)




My family and friends....Duh!

My heart will go on...Celine Dion Because You Loved Me..Celine Dion Perhaps Love...John DenverA Song for You...Carpenters From a distance Don't wanna miss a thing...aerosmith Crescent Noon....Carpenters Turn, turn, turn..the Byrds Tears in Heaven Wind Beneath my Wings

DISCOVERY Anon Today I smiled...and all at once Things didn't look so bad. Today, I shared with someone else, A little bit of hope I had. Today I sang a little song, And felt my heart grow light, And walked a happy little mile, With not a cloud in sight. Today I worked with what I had And longed for nothing more. And what had seemed like only weeds, Were flowers at my door. Today I loved a little more Complained a little less, And in the giving of myself... Forgot my weariness I' M FREE Anon Don't grieve for me, for now I'm free. I'm following the path God has laid you see. I took his hand when I heard Him call. I turned my back and left it all. I could not stay another day. To laugh, to love, to work, or play. Tasks left undone must stay that way, I found that peace at the close of the day. If my parting has left a void, then fill it with remembered joys. A friendship shared, a laugh, a kiss, oh yes, these things I too will miss. Be not burdened with times of sorrow, I wish you the sunshine of tomorrow. My life's been full, I savored much. Good friends, good times, a loved one's touch. Perhaps my time seemed all too brief. Don't lengthen it now with undue grief. Lift up your hearts and peace to thee. God wanted me now: He set me free. THEY SOFTLY WALK By Hugh Robert Orr The are not gone who pass Beyond the clasp of hand, Out from the stone embrace. They are but come so close We need not grope with hands, Nor look to see, nor try To catch the sound of feet. They have put off their shoes Softly to walk by day Within our thoughts, to tread At night our dream - led paths Of sleep. They are not lost who find The sunset gate, the goal Of all their faithful years. Not lost are they who reach The summit of their climb, The peak above the clouds And storms. They are not lost Who find the light of sun And stars and God. They are not dead who live In hearts they leave behind. In those whom they have blessed They live a life again, And shall live through the years Eternal life, and grow Each day more beautiful As time declares their good, Forgets the rest, and proves Their immortality.