Andy Regan is preparing to die.

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I want to be cremated and my ashes scattered over the cliffs of constitution hill into the sea at aberyswtyth. at night preferably. people should then light a fire on south beach and drink and talk about me. unless it's raining in which case they can go to rummers.

Not arsed. coffin should contain items chosen as appropriate to me by family and friends. i think i'd like my 'wiija' lyric book to be cremated with me as there is more of me in that book than anywhere else in the world. anyone who was in 'screen test' with me knows what the 'wiija' book is. ------------- Actually a few years later the above mentioned book is full. I'd still like it to go up in smoke with me but there's a green lyric book that should go too. It's the one with all the Jazzy Jungle words in it.

There must be no religious element to my funeral. I also believe (for the record) that there should be not religion taught in schools of any kind.

'Guests' is a better word. 'Andrew Regan requests the pleasure of your company at his Funeral' in fine copperplate font. Anyone i knew can come to my funeral. There are only two people in the world who I wouldn't want to come and if I ever become terminally ill they'd both better watch out anyway...

'In the aeroplane over the sea' by Neutral Milk Hotel 'Method Acting' by Bright Eyes

Here is a poem i have written to be read at my funeral. A MESSAGE TO MY MOURNERS I'm dead. Get over it. (in a completely unrelated topic a man on Ally McBeal has just discovered he is able to fly - this had made me remember to add that there must be NO TELEVISION at my funeral. televisions must be removed from the room(s) in which it takes place. television must not be discussed at my funeral. to mark my death, mourners may wish to never watch TV again as a mark of respect. or to not watch it for a week. or to not watch it for one day a year on the anniversary of my death)

Almost certainly the funniest person most of you have ever met. whether you appreciate that or not. Tried really hard but never felt like he got much back for it.

Andy Regan was the finest songwriter no one ever heard. Any cd I've ever released as P.W.L. is fair game to be posthumously compiled to show the world how shit the music business is that I died peniless and alone (probably). I will hopefully be fondly remembered by my dear friends and my wonderful girlfriend Si‚n who I continued to love in increasing amounts up until the day I wrote my obituary, and therefore presumably until I died. Is this an obituary? No you are. If you read this you're gay.