marty richardson is preparing to die.

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Firstly, as ive said...comfy casual and warm clothes with plenty of pocket suits please! Bung me in a box (a cardboard one for preference) and pop me in the oven at gas mark bloody hot until very crisp. than either bury my ashes in a church yard or scatter me somewhere with a nice view...Healy nab, or Beacon Fell would be nice.

a cardboard box would be nice, failing that just use an aircraft shipping crate.

Its all a bit rubbish really, when you get down to it all in depth. They are all essentialy the same these religions, spoiling what could be a fun life, anyway im church of england, or the Anglican church, (unlike anglian, who sell doubble glazing). so do what you will with me cos its all cobblers im sure!

barred: Sian Davies of temple meads Buxton. Suzzane Greenwood of Stockport, and Fay Alderidge of Windsor Av Preston. all because these people have caused me grief in my life, and frankly i wouldnt p**s on any of them if they were on fire. Otherwise absoloutly everyone else who knew me, or didnt know me or just fancies a piss up afterwards, come allong!

as music goes im sure my wife Joanne will throw in something by celine dion (horror of horrors) but i want queens "who wants to live forever " played please.

now im going to have t go away and thjink about this one, the poem read out by the gay chap in four weddings and a funeral was very nice,but a little bit cliche. nice though, so go on sod the prose, and lets have that.

The Bathroom will be a safer place from now on...

I would like to think, in my passing on from this thing we call life (but in reality its just a hiatus before the main attraction starts) Well i call it the main attraction, but whos to say what goes omn afterwards?, i mean fluffy clouds and all eternity with harps and wings? bugger that for a game of soldiers, it all sounds very boring to me, and then theres hell! an eternity of red hoy fires and pokers up my jacksie! i think not if you ask me im going to try snowboarding for a bit, then lets see what else the world has to offer my non coporeal form!. Anyway what was i saying, oh yes, i rather hope that people wont think of me as a fat, flatulent git. But instead as someone king, generous and loving. Mind you i know what most of my work collegues will think but then again who cares!? Not me im Brown Bread. just remember its all lies, and you probably cant go wrong! anyway the important bit of waffle, i was a kind loving family man who cherished his family dearly and i was king to small animals...that good enough for you all? Night Night!

look, just put me in a crate in some comfy clothes, my fave rugby top, my motorcycling jumper and my zippy pants and chuck me in the oven!