Clare Windsor is preparing to die.

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I want to be cremated and my ashes to be scattered in exactly the same spot as my sisters were in Amersham Crematorium. Failing that, stuff me in a firework and shoot me too the heavens in the midnight sky.

I want to be cremated in a white coffin with pictures of my family. Tacky I know, but hey thats me!

Although I have been baptised Roman Catholic, I have always really lived by my own religion. I made my own decisions and made my own mistakes.

As I am such a much loved person, I would imagine that there will be hundreds of people who would want to be at my funeral. Thats ok, I understand. But I would request in attendance the following people, Cardiff devil, aka Godbabe #1 Dangermouseuk1, Derby Diva1 aka Sil, Dewi the Dragon aka Dil, Kellybabes, Nutty Nev, Ohrandy2, Shez304050, Sion Horse, Twiglet2, Geordiemarg, Luvable gem, etc..... But the person that I would most want to have at my funeral is the one person who has made me realise a hell of a lot about myself. Someone who has been there for me no matter what. Someone who has seen a a side of me that no one else has, and he still came back for more. My soul mate. Losty xxx

You would have to play Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler, Be Mine by David Gray and Christy Moore's Voyage.

Now she's walking through the clouds. with a circus mind thats running wild. Butterflies and zebras, moon beams and fairytales. All she ever thinks about, is riding with the wind. When im sad she comes to me. with a thousand smiles she gives to me free. Its alright, its alright she says, take anything you want from me. Anything. Now shes walking through the clouds. With a circus mind, thats running wild. Butterflies and zebras, moon beams and fairytales. all she ever thinks about. Is riding with the wind. When im sad, she comes to me. with a thousand smiles she gives to me free. Its alright its alright she said. take anything you want from me. Anything. The Corrs Little Wing

The Stupid Bint Was Always Bloody Wrong!!

Unfairly Clare was taken from us all to a higher purpose. Dressed in white, and sporting a nifty pair of wings, she is now an angel in the heavens above. Although she is not physically here, she will remain in our hearts forever, and will never be forgoten. She will be the brightest star in our sky, the light in our lives that will last eternally. Forever in our hearts, with memories that will last lifetimes.... Goodbye our beloved Clare xxx

I would love for my mates to hold a wake of their own. The biggest piss up on the face of this earth.