Cable Flame is preparing to die.

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Fuqua, Jennifer (1979-09-30)

I wish for my body to be donated to medical science, specifically for ADHD research. Whatever you do, don't bury me or cremate me. I want to go towards the advancement of science. Oh, and if by the way my death happens it's possible to use me as an organ donor, please, by all means, do that first. Help someone else.


I was raised Catholic but consider myself an Agnostic Spiritual Humanist with Unitarian Universalist and Liberal Jewish leanings. Have one of my Jewish friends say the Shma (or whatever prayer it is that you say over the dead body) over me right after my death (I'm thinking Brad here), have a Catholic funeral mass if you *really* want (if not, have a mass said for me at St. Patrick's in Carlisle, PA sometime), and I'd like a memorial service by a UU minister. If you have to choose between the Catholic Funeral Mass and the UU service, go with the UU one. I'd like everyone to have an opportunity to speak to the crowd about what they remember about me at said service. Have pictures of me up (because my body won't be there), pictures of me as you remember me... having fun, looking good, being an idiot. I don't want people to see me dead. I want them to remember what I looked like when I was alive.

Anyone who wants to come is more than welcome to come. Make sure that notice is given to the hacker community, the BDSM community, the GLBT community, the local liberal activism community, and on my LJ and dA before the funeral happens so that people have time to make arrangements to come if they want to.

If you want to sing some of my favorite hymns from my childhood, that's fine. Stuff from the Gather Comprehensive hymnal that I loved, stuff like "On Eagle's Wings" or "I Am For You" or "Canticle of the Sun" or "One Bread, One Body". And make sure that "Bittersweet Symphony" by The Verve is played. I really like the acoustic version and would like that played. Have people sing along if they'd like. Oh, and if people wanted to spontaneously break into a nice round of "Strongbad Techno", I wouldn't mind at all. Hell, if there's an afterlife, I'll probably be smiling down on it and adding in the DOO!

Read the part from The Prophet by Kalil Gibran about how our children are life's longing for itself. Please DON'T read any Bible verses. And make sure someone mentions my favorite saying on death that I got from the Muppets' Christmas Carol: "In this life there are meetings and there are partings. That is the way of it." Make sure someone mentions how I always took simple consolation in how death is just part of life and that it shows the world is the way it should be. There's probably more I'd like read, but I can't think of it right now. Oh, and whatever the wrongly illegal piece of code is at the time (because of the DMCA or the RIAA or whatever...), I want it read or sung out loud, with a few words explaining what it is and why you're reading it (because of my dedication to digital freedoms) and its importance. You know, something like DeCSS or something like that...

I don't need one. I won't be buried. If I am buried, god, I'm gonna be pissed.

C4bl3Fl4m3 was a weirdo. She was a geek, through and through. She was a computer technician by trade. But she was a hacker, a fangirl, sometimes a gamer, a roleplayer out of love. She geeked out on human sexuality and mass transit systems. She was a bookworm from almost birth, having taught herself to read at 22 months. She loved to feel and would take her feelings to the extreme. She knew both extreme joy and the deepest depression. She would get angry easily but would also bounce back to a giggle and a smile just as easily. She enjoyed trying out various mind altering chemicals (mainly legal) and various states of mind. She wasn't a very religious person, but was deeply spiritual. She dabbled in a bit of everything and basically did what worked for her spiritually. Which sometimes included Mass and synagogue in a 24 hour period. She was dedicated to social justice. Her pet causes were peace/antiwar and GLBT rights. She was bisexual and kinky, and was active in the queer community and the BDSM community. She was a switch with serious sub leanings but was still exploring the joys of being a top. She lived by the theory of "sex is fun and pleasure is good for you", choosing to live a life of open relationships rather than cheating on her partners. Her dress style was eclectic. You'd be as likely to see her dressed as a hippy as dressed as a goth. She had one ambition and one ambition alone: to get her doctorate in human sexuality. But she knew her young adult years wasn't the right time for that, so she relegated it to the "someday" realm. The objects of her fandoms were always odd. Woody, Ludwig van Beethoven, Syndrome, Doc Ock, Gendo Ikari. She had a thing for intelligent men, for men in power, for men in intellectual authority, for broody angsty men, for men in deep conflict, and for men much older than herself. And she crushed on these men unapologetically. She struggled with the big questions in life, like meaning and purpose, morals and ethics of various hot subjects, whether she was being authentically herself and what that even meant. But don't we all? And this doesn't even touch on her love of Nature from her childhood spent in the woods with her father or her hyperactivity or how she was short and chubby and such a powerhouse of energy. To sum her up in one word, I think I'd have to use "eclectic". Yes, she was eclectic. And may her weird memory live on.

Remember what I said above about letting people have an opportunity to speak about what they remember about me? Yeah... that's this.