Rik Dawson is preparing to die.

D, K (1976-05-13)
D, MRK (1984-02-27)
D-Allard, Abigail (1990-11-28)
D., Nigel (1987-08-01)
Da Silva, Joseph (1977-12-28)
Dalby, Eloïse (1986-06-25)
Daley, Thomas (1980-11-09)
Damage, Rave (1970-07-07)
Damian, Michael (1974-01-10)
Darby, Mark (1962-03-26)
Darby, Nick (1961-03-01)
DAS, RAJIB KUMAR (1983-11-07)
Davidson, Lynton (1973-06-06)
Davies, Clive (1966-04-15)
Davies, Jayne (1974-03-20)
Davies, Jessica (1986-08-10)
Davies, John (1962-06-06)
Davies, Lou (1979-09-19)
Davis, Rory (1991-02-08)
Davy, Libby (1968-12-20)
Dawson, Rik (1988-09-11)
Day, Han (1991-04-03)
De Jose, Colin (1970-09-02)
De Silva, Manoli (1990-12-04)
Deacon, Karina (0000-00-00)
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Durdin, Edward (1990-01-30)
Dyer, James (1995-10-24)

I'd like to be put to rest how I'm found, no suit or fancy tie. I don't want to be sterilised and laid on a slab. I'll find a way to tell you anything that happened before the big band. Of course if I'm found starkers it'd be appropriate to put me in something. I want to be wearing trainers. I'd like to be buried (unless I later explicitly state otherwise) and I'd like a mobile phone with a couple of quid credit SWITCHED OFF in my left pocket; incase I've been buried alive.

Not too fussed on this one. If I'm not horrifically mangled, an open top'd be nice. Please shut my cold empty eyes. Bury me with photos of the nearest and dearest I'm leaving, so I'll remember. Put in some photos of the already departed loves so I can find them, and a couple of shots of Kirsty and Stuart et al to let them know I'm on my way!

As little of that as possible, but any religious types among you feel free to say what you want. Churches do have a certain quality to them, so a church ceremony I could dig. I see this part as being for the people attending, so however you fancy.

All my family and friend. Ask Scott for more details on who to let in and let out, not that it'll be social function of the year mind. Make sure Jogga makes it. Try and let my real Dad know that he had a son, show him a photo or something.

Stitch the funeral, let's have some decent tunes. VINYL ONLY!!! Order however it fits, but keep The Hardest Word as the final track played. It's a winner. Julian Cope - I Can Remember This Life, Kate Bush - Blow Away, Madness - Overdone, Kate Bush - Oh England My Lionheart, Kirsty MacColl - My Way Home, Siouxsie & The Banshees - Forever, Kirsty MacColl - We'll Never Pass This Way Again, The Smiths - There Is A Light, Kirsty MacColl - No Victims, Scott Walker - Rhymes Of Goodbye, Big Country - East Of Eden, Kirsty MacColl - The Hardest Word

Anything you deem to be relevant, if between now and my death I happen to write a diary or some particularly poignant lyrics or emo poems, give em a look. You have my blessing. I'd like a coupla words from Mum, Mel, Nat, Harriet and Seth (assuming they're older by then), Scott, and Mark. Be honest now, say what you thought of me. I'll be watching, but I can't really do much to stop you. A couple of cultural poems and quotes'd be nice, it'll make me look smart as hell.

For the gravestone I want it as dull and cliché as possible. Stick a big R.I.P. in the middle. Obviously name and the likes. If I'm still a son, say so. If I'm a daddy, say so. If I'm a husband, say so. If I'm a dickhead, say so.

I'll leave this to family and friend, I'm not comfortable demanding you remember me in a certain frame of mind. However you're feeling. Goferit, it's not like you'll hurt my feelings.

DON'T SELL MY VINYL!!! Keep on to it (that's an order) and have a listen (if you like). Share the wealth amongst yourselves, frame em, name em, shame em. Owt as long as they don't get chucked in a landfill, attic, eBay or charity shop. But bury me with my Kirstys. It took me ages to get em, and they mean a lot. Money (hahahaha) and the rest of my belongings can get divvied up between immediate family and friend. I want you to all lie to work and say my funeral's in America, wangle a week off to old 9-5. Cheers m'darlins for digging it (like you have a choice, you're reading this I'm dead now)and love to you. Thanks for being there...Eyes to the skies, I'll watch out for you all!