adrian ca is preparing to die.

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It used to be the case that the laws in the UK and Northern Ireland stated that you could only be buried in consecrated ground. Things have loosened up. You can now be buried at the bottom of the garden. Of course you may wish to keep within the traditions of your culture: if you are a Jain, your body will be left on the top of a tower for the vultures to pick your bones clean. Most people who are planning on a cremation have an idea where they want their ashes scattered. If you are one of them make sure people know.

Coffins are boring. To us coffins look like they have not changed in design since Victorian times. Not because they have evolved in design to some high plane that can not be bettered. But because in that short period of time between you dying and you being dropped in the ground or slipped in the furnace those who are left are not wanting to take risks. They will always settle for a nice bit of wood, something not too showy. Sad that. Design your own. Nick ideas from other cultures around the world. Think space age, or make yourself a plain pine box and keep it in the living room as a coffee table and talking point until it is needed as your last resting place. Let the rubber fetishist in you have its day, choose a nice black shiny body bag. The bigger the better or modernist minimilism, the choice is yours. Take it and make it.

You may not be an actively religious person, leaving the spiritual aspect of your personality to languish and only allowing it to surface at particular moments in your life. Births and deaths being the prime moments to inspire those dormant impulses to resurface. Your close friends or current partner might have no idea that in some far-off time you were baptised, barmitzvered, confirmed, took holy vows or just went to Sunday School at the local Methodist chapel a couple of times. It can be those early influences, however much we may have rejected them in later life, that make us want to have our funeral within the context of the traditional faith, or religious leanings of our culture or youth.

In the meantime we will stick with it. Who would you like invited to your funeral. Who do you want barred?

Most people have a vague idea of a song or record they want sung or played at their funeral. It has become a bit of a modern cliche to drop what you want played into conversation down the pub, at a dinner party or wherever it is you get chattering. We not only want you to register your vague idea here, we want you to develop it. Mourners will want more than just one tune to remember you by. Sure 'No Future' by the Sex Pistols blaring out the speakers as your coffin slips behind the velvet drape would be a laugh but why not balance it with Nilsson singing 'Without you'? OK that's maybe a bit sick but sticking with the no future theme you could book yourself into a cheap studio with a local punk band and record yourself screaming out your take on it. Don't play the track to anyone until they hear it in that particular moment in your funeral.

A few verses from the scriptures, the Koran, Shelley or Wilfred Owen may do just fine. Or maybe a paragraph from Catch 22 or Trainspotting, or even a poem you wrote about spring when you were at school. Whatever it is give it some thought. Let us know right here.

Write your own one. You can't rely on anybody else doing a proper one for you. Of course you will have to keep updating it as your life progresses.

Yet again, it's down to you to write your own one.

Of course you don't need any official religion or even an organisation like the Humanists to conduct your funeral service/celebration. You could request a bunch of your mates, a member of your family or even your partner to take on this responsibility.