Veronica Ceci is preparing to die.

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I would like to be thrown into the Pacific ocean with the boat launching from Pochutla, Mexico (preferably the Zicarillo beach) and traveling west for as long as necessary to get to deep water. The idea is for the cruise to be the service, and for the ocean animals to devour my flesh and as my skeleton sinks down to the bottom it shall either implode under the pressure or become home to lots of seaweed and itsy bitsy fishes.

My body to be prepared in such a way as to make it very attractive to fish so I will be entirely consumed, perhaps I ought to be smeared with krill? Certainly for the comfort of my guests I should be wrapped in some beautiful but quickly dissolving papers, like blue unryu rice paper, cut into strips and wrapped about me mummy style so they won't see my decaying, krill smeared body and lose their appetite. It is likely a good idea to weight me down so I do not drift to shore. I shall log back in at a later date with exactly how I would like to be weighted down - this deserves deeper thought.

All the pomp and ceremony of a traditional Catholic burial, but reimagined in the vein of RuPaul via Salvador Dali and the Dadaists. Ceremony attendants to be dressed fabulously outrageous as baroque as possible and the ceremony itself to be rooted in religion but exaggerated and absurdified.

All are welcome. I hope everybody gets good and drunk.

The boarding and initial journey of the boat shall be musicless. It is my hope that the sounds of lapping waves shall match timbre with poignant sobs. During Ceremony: Zacariah by The Jesus Lizard L'Anniversaire D'Irvin by Angelo Badalamenti I'm Calling You by Jevetta Steele Llorando in the style of Mulholland Drive During Dinner To be performed by a jazz trio with Upright Bass, Drum Kit and Piano: Girltalk by Neil Hefty I'll Remember You (standard) I Cover The Waterfront During Bacchanalia: Wild Horses by the Rolling Stones Styrofoam Boots/Nice On Ice by Modest Mouse Strange Fishes by Radiohead Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

The following are to be read in a booming voice by the James Earl Jones of the time (I'm hoping I will outlive the current James Earl Jones) If it is not in the funeral budget to have him attend in person, then have him record these readings in Hi-Def with no background music to be played aloud as persons look past my paper wrapped body and out onto the ocean. A designated song will be played between each reading. The final passage of Moby Dick describing the stoving of the boat and Ishmael's escape. (Zacharia by The Jesus Lizard) The highlighted passage in my copy of Franz Kafka's The Trial.(L'Anniversaire D'Irvin by Angelo Badalamenti) The poem "Wanted" from Nabokov's Lolita. (I'm Calling You by Jevetta Steele) I would also like any persons who witnessed me in a bar/party fight to tell the story of that fight. Inclusion of any anecdote someone wishes to share is welcome. At the conclusion of the readings the sultriest songstress we can find in Pochutla (voice more important than looks) dressed in evil red velvet (see my ink samples from 2010 for the color) shall perform "Llorando" in the style of Mulholland Drive. A Capella, collapsing to the ground immediately after finishing the song and carried off by shirtless local fisherman.


I have established a fund for a graduate student in Art History to be hired as my biographer within the first year following my death. The specifics of this are a bit lengthy to go into here. This person shall serve as by official obituator. It is also a personal goal that NPR finds me worthy of a minute of mention.

This Funeral should be thought of as a formal boat party, with Hefeveroveisen (recipe can be gotten from Tony Grasso)and appetizers served as persons board the boat and we pilot out to sea. Once the anchor has been dropped we have the ceremonial aspects, including burning of incense, readings, rememberances and disposal of the body. Then into the cabin of the boat for an extravagant dinner (with live classic jazz combo playing) The Funeral Spam which I have held on to since I was fifteen is to be diced up and served on decorative toothpicks. People who actually know me will know not to eat it. Those who came along just for the boat ride will be in danger of ingestion. This will be the best funeral ever so you should try to outlive me in order to be able to attend.